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Proudly Supported by the Queensland Government
Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

The Queensland Government is proud to support the Queensland Wine Industry.

By stimulating public interest through events like the Wine Festival it is hoped that awareness of local brands will be increased.

By raising the profile of Queensland Wines the whole state will benefit indirectly. A solid and profitable wine industry will benefit all Queenslanders.

Acqua Panna natural still mineral is the famous Villa Panna in the hills of Tuscany. Its smooth & velvety taste leaves a sensation of lightness & softness. Acqua Panna is a completely balanced, refreshing water with the rare ability to cleanse the palate allowing the flavours of the world’s finest food and wine to emerge fully.

S.Pellegrino natural sparkling mineral water flows from the thermal spring in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Delicate, refined & elegant, its image & taste have won over the entire world. In over 120 countries S.Pellegrino stands for fine dining, Italian taste, lifestyle & quality.

Together Acqua Panna & S.Pellegrino make the perfect complement to the world’s finest cuisine & wine.

Water Sponsor for the 2009
Brisbane Fine Wine Festival

Premium is a most complete range of wineglasses and decanters for professional tasters. Produced by Bormioli Rocco Italy with the latest technology and supported by the Association of Italian Sommeliers.

Premium wineglasses are produced as a single piece with a long drawn stem and blown bowl, using transparent gleaming superior lead free crystal glass.

For more information visit www.bormiolirocco.com.

Waterwheel Industries manufacture premium baked snacking products under the Waterthins, Waterwheel and Roccas brands. Waterthins is our major retail grocery brand.

The Waterthins range was developed by Waterwheel Industries in 1998. Our vision for the future has not changed. We aim to be one of the worlds leading suppliers of premium baked goods, utilising the finest ingredients, crafted to create a distinctive range of contemporary taste experiences.

The Waterthins range started in delicatessens and specialty stores in 1998. Word quickly spread as restaurants, caterers and other foodies enthusiastically adopted the range. Now our range of products is widely recognised as the best premium baked goods in the Australian marketplace.

Today the Waterthins brand has a strong and loyal following. It has a major presence in Supermarkets and Grocery Stores in Australia as well as a number of other countries in the world.


Talk 1116 Brisbane's 4BC, number one talk station in Queensland, delivers lively and accurate talk, entertainment, information, news, sport and traffic 24 hours a day.

Talk 1116 Brisbane's 4BC covers the issues of the day, newsmakers and discussion about the biggest talking points in Brisbane. It's spontaneous, unpredictable, lively, topical and interesting. They are ready to cover breaking news at any time, with resources unrivalled by other music contemporaries.

Each country, region and city is different, just as the Mercure Brisbane is different. With almost 50 hotels in city centres, business or historic districts and tourist destinations around Asia Pacific, the colourful and contemporary world of Mercure embraces the flavours of the local region. A range of initiatives, including delectable new food and beverage options, ensures everything remains in harmony with both the local environment and guests' needs. For more information and locations please visit us at www.mercure.com.au

At Stewarts Wine Co our range of wines is in a continuous state of change. We decide to range wine not because it wins awards or gets good reviews. There are only two ways for a wine to make its way into our range.

The first is your requests! If a product is available and you want it, we will do our best to find it and sell it to you. The second way is through our regular tasting panel of wine lovers and experts.

We judge all but a few legendary wines on both quality and value for money, so if you see it here you know that it is of high quality. We also offer some very special case prices so delve into each product and see how much you can save: just click and save.

For further information on our products and services, please check out our website at www.stewartswineco.com.au

NEW! tchillbag® the Clever Gift Bag and Smart Ice Bucket

No more wasting nice looking gift bags, that get used once, then turned into landfill! No more hot bottles of wine at the beach!

The very sleek and very sexy tchillbag® (pronounced chillbag) is a Smart Ice Bucket and gift bag all in one.

5 Exciting Colours to choose from! Take advantage of our SPECIAL Brisbane wine festival offer: tchillbag® of any colour for $9.95 / piece ONLY!

The Wine Society, Australia's original wine club was established in 1946 offers the very best wine experience.

For over 60 years, the essential purpose of The Wine Society remains the same – to give its members the best wines at the fairest prices. A true not-for-profit cooperation, all surpluses made by The Wine Society are reinvested in the business so we can continue to offer better wine, better service and better prices.

Consider joining The Wine Society for a one-off lifetime investment of just $50

The Multi-Color/Collotype Labels group specialize in the planning, design and production of high quality wine labels and packaging. Utilizing the latest in printing techniques to highlight your brand in an increasingly competitive market. 

The following sponsors have provided assistance through the provision of food and other refreshments available to our guests. They also have contributed to the Masterclasses and Seminars by providing the food to complement the topic of discussion.


Supporters of the Wine Festival




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